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APM Terminals Calls First Movers to Join Innovators Program

APM Terminals Launches the Shipping Line Dashboard To Enhance Visibility and Reliability for Customers - Maritime News India
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Launch of the Shipping Line Dashboard by APM Terminals To Enhance Visibility and Reliability for Customers

The Hague : In a significant development for maritime news, APM Terminals is inviting industry first movers to join its Innovators Program, aiming to enhance visibility and reliability for customers through cutting-edge digital innovation. This initiative underscores APM Terminals’ commitment to providing complete transparency in the planning and execution of operations at its ports.

Enhancing Terminal Operations with Digital Solutions

In an era where digital solutions are crucial to terminal operations, APM Terminals has been at the forefront of leveraging technology to optimize cargo flow. A significant breakthrough came with the launch of the Shipping Line Dashboard, a tool designed to improve connections and cooperation between shipping lines and inline services.

Laura Bercan, Digital Portfolio Owner of Visibility Products at APM Terminals, highlights the success of this innovation: “This service has now been rolled out in 11 of our terminals and we are ready to document that it has helped us create more visibility in planning, reduce turn times, and ensure more predictable and reliable planning. But we have more to come.”

Shipping Line Dashboard: A Milestone in Customer Service

The Shipping Line Dashboard, driven by advanced algorithms, offers detailed information down to moves per hour for individual cranes. This transparency and the ability to provide reliable estimated completion times early in the port stay have proven beneficial since its rollout in late 2023.

“The Shipping Line Dashboard truly is a breakthrough product for us to create visibility. We want to deliver live tracking of customers’ vessels and detect possible operational issues early to take proactive measures,” Bercan continues.

The positive feedback from users, such as Maersk Nigeria, underscores its impact.

Mudathir Owolabi Kosoko, Direct Transport CX Manager (Nigeria)/Branch Manager (Onne) at Maersk Nigeria, remarks, “Shipping Line Dashboard is a testament to APM Terminals’ commitment to digital innovation, promoting self-service, and creating visibility for stakeholders.”

Next Steps: Innovating Together with Customers

Recognizing the potential for further innovation, APM Terminals is calling on customers to participate in the Innovators Program. This initiative allows customers who are already using the digital solution to gain early access to new features and provide direct feedback, shaping the future of these digital products.

“Rolling out this feature made it clear that we can achieve much more by innovating together. We are now asking customers to be part of our Innovators Program. Co-creating digital solutions with our customers will enable us to provide even better service, delivering timely logistics solutions and preparing for modern logistics challenges,” Bercan explains.

Join the Innovators Program

APM Terminals is enthusiastic about partnering with customers to co-create the next generation of digital solutions. Interested customers can learn more and join the Innovators Program by visiting the APM Terminals website.

Fact Box: Shipping Line Dashboard Benefits

  • Improved Planning: Complete visibility and reliable estimated completion times, calculated using an advanced algorithm, positively impact the entire logistics chain.
  • Increased Reliability: Live data from cranes improves planning accuracy with efficiency statistics for each crane working on a vessel.
  • Real-Time Access: Available 24/7 via a secure platform, accessible from anywhere in the world.

For more information on joining the Innovators Program, visit APM Terminals Innovator Program

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