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Indian Navy Completes Second Gulf of Guinea Anti-Piracy Patrol

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Delhi : In a significant development for India’s maritime security, the Indian Navy has successfully concluded its second anti-piracy patrol in the Gulf of Guinea (GoG). The patrol, conducted by INS Sumedha, lasted for 31 days and covered a vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean along the West Coast of Africa.

The GoG region holds immense strategic importance for India, serving as a vital source of energy for the country. In recent years, piracy and maritime crime have emerged as major threats to the region’s stability and economic prosperity.

INS Sumedha’s deployment to the GoG reflects India’s proactive role in addressing global maritime security challenges and protecting its national interests. The patrol aimed to deter piracy, safeguard maritime trade, and foster international cooperation in combating maritime crime.

During its mission, INS Sumedha engaged in proactive patrolling, surveillance, and intelligence gathering operations. The ship’s presence served as a deterrent to potential pirates and reassured merchant vessels operating in the region.

INS Sumedha’s deployment also extended beyond anti-piracy operations. The ship engaged in capacity-building exercises with regional navies, including Senegal, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Angola, and Namibia. These exercises aimed to enhance the capabilities of regional partners in combating maritime crime and strengthen international cooperation in the GoG.

Furthermore, INS Sumedha participated in the maiden India-EU Joint Exercise in the GoG, a landmark event that showcased India’s commitment to multilateral cooperation in maritime security.

The successful completion of INS Sumedha’s anti-piracy patrol underscores India’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding its national interests and promoting maritime security in the GoG region. The patrol has contributed significantly to deterring piracy, protecting maritime trade, and fostering regional cooperation in combating maritime crime.

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