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Indian Seafarer Succumbed Due To Ignorance and Negligence of Vessel Engineer, Captain, Vessel Owner and RPSL Company

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Government Authorities Giving It A Blind Look, Has Also Raise A Concern of Matter

Mumbai : In a resolute stand for seafarer rights, the Seafarers and Dockers Union of India has been fighting for the justice for Amardeep Singh Dhillon, a 3rd Engineer aboard the MT Global Falcon (IMO 9399167), who had tragically lost his eyesight earlier and finally lost his Life on 31 October 2023. This incident has spread an alarming message amongst the Indian Seafarers who travel cross border under the guarantee of  Recruitment and Placement Service License (RPSL)  Companies and under the safety umbrella of Directorate General of Shipping, India.

It may be recalled that on 21 October 2023 Maritime News had published a news titled ‘Seafarers and Dockers Union of India Demands Justice Amidst Blind Seafarer’s Plight and Alleged Negligence‘. Which narrates the whole story.

Just to brief it again

This tragic episode unfolded while the vessel was docked in the UAE port on August 29, 2023, and has revealed a grave violation of seafarers’ rights. Amardeep Singh Dhillon’s vision began deteriorating on August 29, prompting him to seek assistance from Chief Engineer Gurpreet Singh and Master Burinder Franklin on the ship. Shockingly, his pleas for medical help were allegedly ignored, and he was coerced to continue working despite his deteriorating condition. Although he reported his worsening health to the RPSL company, KSM Navigation Private Limited, it appears that the seafarer’s cries for aid were disregarded.

Amardeep’s son Tarun Singh Dhillon ran pillar to post for the justice but ended up with a loss of his beloved Father.

What is equally concerning is the apparent indifference of the Directorate General of Shipping towards the pleas of seafarers, further exacerbating the plight of individuals like Amardeep Singh Dhillon, who lost his Life struggling in  ICU of Vijan Hospital, Nashik, Maharashtra.

The whole family has not only faced monitory loss but is also undergoing a big trauma. However the son Tarun has stated that his fight for justice will continue.

Tarun expressed, “As what has happen to my father, it can happen to any other Seafarer. I will be fighting for the justice under the guidance of Sunil Gadekar, General Secretary, Seafarers and Dockers Union of India. We will raise our voice from across the blue sea. We will again approach ITF, ISWAN, and DGS, seeking help for getting the justice for my father”.

Gadekar expressed, “Our organisation Seafarers and Dockers Union of India strongly stands along with Seafarers. We condemn such exploitation of Seafarer. We will make sure that strict action is taken against all the Culprits.”

He further stated, “This is a very sad news and a real injustice happened to Seafarer Amardeep. Its also unfortunate the culprits are freely operating, while victim family are facing all the adverse impact. We look upon DGS as the final authority to take action against all the Culprits and we will also demand appropriate compensation for the Loss the family has faced and for the pain Amardeep had to undergo after being abandoned.”

However, his pleas had been ignored by these big organisation. Due to which the Vessel Engineer, Captain, Vessel Owner and RPSL Company are exploiting the Seafarers without any fear of Law.

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