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INS Kadmatt Makes Waves in Yokosuka, Japan

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The INS Kadmatt voyage to Yokosuka is more than a journey across Indo-Pacific; a growing partnership between India and Japan

Yokosuka, Japan : The Indian Navy’s INS Kadmatt, currently on a long-range deployment in the North Pacific, has arrived in Yokosuka, Japan, for an operational turnaround (OTR). This port visit promises to be more than just a pit stop; it’s an opportunity to strengthen maritime cooperation between India and Japan, and foster a deeper connection with the local community.

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Professional Synergy and Cultural Exchange:

During their stay, the INS Kadmatt crew will engage in professional interactions with their counterparts from the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). Cross-ship visits, exchange of ideas, and a joint yoga camp will not only enhance operational understanding but also build camaraderie and mutual respect. Additionally, coordination meetings for the upcoming Maritime Partnership Exercise (MPX) will solidify joint strategies and ensure seamless collaboration in future endeavors.

Celebrating Navy Day and Bridging Communities:

The INS Kadmatt crew will proudly celebrate Navy Day on December 4th in Yokosuka, joined by the Indian diaspora in Japan. This celebration serves as a bridge between the two nations, showcasing India’s rich maritime heritage and fostering cultural understanding.

Refueling the Partnership:

Recently, the INS Kadmatt and the JMSDF Fast Combat Support Ship, JS Towada, conducted a successful underway replenishment under the Reciprocal Provisioning of Supply and Services (RPSS) agreement. This not only ensured operational readiness but also symbolized the growing trust and cooperation between the two navies.

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A Strategic Stride in the Indo-Pacific:

The visit of INS Kadmatt to Japan is not just a routine port call; it’s a strategic move in line with both India and Japan’s vision for a stable and secure Indo-Pacific region. By strengthening maritime cooperation, these nations are showcasing their commitment to upholding international law, promoting freedom of navigation, and jointly addressing maritime challenges.

INS Kadmatt: A Symbol of Indigenous Prowess:

As an indigenously designed and built anti-submarine warfare corvette, the INS Kadmatt embodies India’s growing prowess in shipbuilding. Its state-of-the-art weaponry and advanced technology represent a significant leap forward in India’s maritime defense capabilities.

The INS Kadmatt’s voyage to Yokosuka is more than just a journey across the Pacific; it’s a testament to the growing maritime partnership between India and Japan. Through professional collaboration, cultural exchange, and a shared commitment to a secure Indo-Pacific, this visit promises to be another wave in the ever-strengthening bond between these two maritime nations.


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