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MoPSW Special Campaign for Disposal of Pending Matters ?

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Lack of Transparency Prevails in Grievances, Thus Giving Opportunities To Officials To Continue Exploiting Small MSMEs

New Delhi : The Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways (MoPSW) is embarking on a comprehensive Special Campaign for Disposal of Pending Matters (SCDPM) 3.0, aiming to streamline its operations and enhance efficiency.

The campaign, which had run from 2nd to 31st October 2023 focused on addressing a wide range of pending matters, including public grievances, references from Members of Parliament, Parliament Assurances, cleanliness drives, disposal of scrap, and weeding out of files.

Key Focus Areas:

Effective disposal of pending matters, including public grievances, references from Members of Parliament, and Parliament Assurances

Conducting cleanliness drives to enhance workplace hygiene and promote a positive work environment

Disposal of scrap and obsolete items to optimize space utilization and resource management

Weeding out of unnecessary files to streamline record keeping and improve efficiency

Reviewing and resolving e-files to enhance digital record management and accessibility

Significant Achievements:

During the initial phase of the campaign, 395 cleaning campaigns have been conducted, demonstrating the Ministry’s commitment to a clean and organized work environment.

A total of 62,607 physical files have been weeded out, contributing to a more efficient and streamlined record-keeping system.

Out of the 29,304 e-files reviewed, 12,473 have been closed, leading to a reduction in the backlog of pending matters.

Approximately 3,710 sq. ft. of space has been freed up by removing junk and obsolete items, optimizing office space and enhancing resource allocation.

In addition to these achievements, 91 public grievances have been resolved, 7 out of 9 PMO references have been disposed of, 25 Parliamentary Assurances have been achieved, and 10 out of 13 Easing of Rules/Processes have been simplified, demonstrating the Ministry’s commitment to addressing public concerns and improving its processes.

Social Media Outreach:

The Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways is leveraging social media platforms to reach out to the public and highlight its efforts under SCDPM 3.0. By engaging with stakeholders and sharing updates on progress, the Ministry aims to foster transparency and accountability.

All Offices Embracing the Campaign:

All offices under the control of the Ministry have enthusiastically participated in the Special Campaign 3.0, demonstrating a collective commitment to enhancing efficiency and addressing pending matters. The successful completion of the campaign will contribute to a more streamlined and responsive Ministry, better equipped to serve the nation’s needs.

Even the campaign is said to be successful, it is being alleged that there is no transparency in the grievance cell. As to who is being given preference and who is being given blind eye.

Secondly the grievances are kept invisible to general people, due to which many are not able to understand the ground reality behind the slow process. The press release stated that 91 grievances have been resolved, but what were the total number of grievances registered , that is not disclosed.

Moreover it is also been demanded that the Officers who keep the files pending must be punishable with suspension. As the delay in clearance of grievances leads to closure of many small MSMEs thus leading employment loss and economic loss of Nation.

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