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National Maritime Day Celebrations Hosted by SADU Concludes with Enthusiasm

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Kolkata By Sabir Sheikh: The 61st National Maritime Day celebrations (National Maritime Day) during Merchant Navy Week were conducted across the country with great enthusiasm. As the country is poised to become the world’s third-largest economy, maritime navigation is becoming a matter of pride and national welfare. Many countries are eager to engage in trade relations with India in a strong democracy. With this vision in mind, various events were organized by the Seafarers and Dockers Union of India at the 43 Marina Club in Kolkata on April 5 as part of the National Maritime Day celebrations.
Under the leadership of SADU India, homage was paid to the statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the Father of the Indian Navy, and greetings were exchanged, signaling the beginning of the program with new enthusiasm and hope. “Jai Hind, Jai Shiv Chhatrapati, Jai Navik” was declared.
SADU General Secretary Sunil Gadekar, on behalf of the organisation, honored the distinguished guests with shawls and felicitated them. The Chief Guest of the event, Ashok Janakiram, President of the Association of Shipping Interest in Kolkata, was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Members working in the seafaring and dockers community were encouraged by providing T-shirts and shawls.
In the maritime sector, suggestions were made regarding changes in the country’s foreign policy, labor laws, public awareness, information, and guidance, aiming to form a unified voice through a union to continue to work actively, as advocated by SADU India.
The program was attended by Seafarers and Dockers Union of India President Nitin (Bunty) Lad, General Secretary Sunil Gadekar, Advocate Rishikesh Lad, Ashok Janakiram of the Association of Shipping Interest in Kolkata, Ex Harbor Master Captain S.B. Mujumdar of Mentor Shipping Logistics, Captain N. Rajaram of Ex-Harbor Master Ex-Director Marine Kolkata Port, and other dignitaries. The event was successfully organized by the organizing committee of the Kolkata State Captain Vicky Srivastava, Suvojit Rai, Mohammed Wasim Anwar, Mohammed Shargil Hamid, and the team of SADU India.

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