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Prime Minister Inaugurates Global Maritime India Summit 2023, Unveils Vision for Blue Economy

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Mumbai : Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the third edition of the Global Maritime India Summit 2023 via video conferencing, marking a significant milestone in India’s maritime journey. During the event, the Prime Minister unveiled ‘Amrit Kaal Vision 2047’, a forward-looking blueprint for India’s maritime blue economy, aligning with the government’s vision of ‘Ports for Prosperity and Ports for Progress.’

Transformative Projects Laid the Foundation for Prosperity

Projects worth more than Rs 23,000 crores were inaugurated and dedicated to the nation, ushering in a new era of maritime excellence. One of the highlights was the foundation stone laying for the Tuna Tekra Deep Draft Terminal at Deendayal Port Authority in Gujarat. This cutting-edge terminal, likely to become an international trade hub, will handle next-generation vessels, positioning India as a significant trade gateway via the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEEC).

A Platform for Global and National Partnerships

Over 300 Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) worth more than 7 lakh crores were dedicated to global and national partnerships in the maritime sector. These agreements signify a strong commitment to India’s maritime growth and signal a robust environment for investment.

India’s Role in the Changing World Order

The Prime Minister welcomed participants to the summit, emphasizing that India is gaining prominence on the global stage. He highlighted that India’s economic strength in a world grappling with financial challenges is a testament to the nation’s growth. With the goal of becoming one of the world’s top three economies, India is in a strong position to influence global trade.

India’s Maritime Capabilities for Global Good

The Prime Minister emphasized that India’s maritime capabilities have always benefitted the world, emphasizing the steps taken to strengthen the sector in recent years. The historic G20 consensus on the India-Middle East Europe Economic Corridor is set to transform global trade, akin to the way the Silk Route changed the economy of many countries.

Next Generation Mega Port, International Container Trans-shipment Port, island development, inland waterways, and multi-modal hubs are in the pipeline. These endeavors will improve logistical efficiency, reduce business costs, and create jobs.

The Prime Minister reiterated the importance of ‘Ports for Prosperity and Ports for Progress,’ noting that the government is bringing about transformational changes at the ground level. The mantra of ‘Ports for Productivity’ is promoted, with a focus on making the logistics sector more efficient and effective.

A Greener Future with Blue Economy

India is on the path to becoming one of the world’s top five ship-building nations in the coming decade, with a firm commitment to environmental sustainability. Plans are in place to make major ports in India carbon-neutral, furthering India’s efforts towards a ‘Green Planet’ through the ‘Blue Economy.’

India’s Unique Combination of Strengths

The Prime Minister highlighted that India’s development is bolstered by its unique combination of Development, Demography, Democracy, and Demand. Investors from around the world are invited to become part of this transformation and join India on its journey towards becoming a developed nation by 2047.

Union Minister for Ports, Shipping and Waterways, Shri Sarbananda Sonowal was also present on the occasion.


Amrit Kaal Vision 2047

The Prime Minister unveiled ‘Amrit Kaal Vision 2047’, outlining strategic initiatives to enhance port facilities, promote sustainable practices, and facilitate international collaboration. Projects worth over Rs 23,000 crores were launched in line with this visionary plan, aimed at propelling India’s maritime blue economy into the future.

A Maritime Hub of Excellence

As a result of the extensive work in the maritime sector, India is well on its way to becoming a global cruise hub, attracting tourists worldwide with its state-of-the-art infrastructure. The country’s vast coastline, rich cultural heritage, and strong riverine ecosystem create new possibilities for maritime tourism.

The Prime Minister called upon global ship leasing companies to join the Gift IFSC in Ahmedabad, further enhancing India’s standing in the maritime sector.

Golden Opportunity for Global Investors

In conclusion, the Prime Minister emphasized that India offers a golden opportunity for global investors. As India heads towards the goal of becoming a developed nation by 2047, the world is invited to be a part of this historic journey, reinforcing the nation’s position in the new world order.

The Global Maritime India Summit 2023 is a testament to India’s maritime growth, bringing together influential figures from the maritime industry to explore opportunities, tackle challenges, and stimulate investment in the country’s maritime sector.

With global and national partnerships, sustainable practices, and innovative technology, India is positioning itself as a maritime powerhouse. The Prime Minister’s vision for a ‘Green Planet’ through a ‘Blue Economy’ is transforming India’s maritime future.

The summit provides a critical platform for attracting investment in the country’s maritime sector. It is a testament to India’s commitment to be a key player on the global maritime stage.

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