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Students at the BP Marine Academy are at risk of health hazards.

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Navi Mumbai : .Students at the academy are provided with poor quality food, containing foreign particles and pieces of metal. The residential facility at the Panvel-based BP Marine Academy, which offers maritime training, has been accused of providing substandard food to students, leading to health issues.

The academy, known for providing maritime training, is located at Bunder Road in the city. Students from across the country enroll in the academy for maritime training and are provided with accommodation facilities along with hostel amenities. However, in the past few days, students undergoing training at the academy have complained of finding foreign particles, as well as worms, in the food served to them.

This has led to instances of food poisoning, vomiting, and diarrhea among the students. According to information provided by the students, over the past few days, some students have been treated at rural health centers, while others have been taken to nearby hospitals for treatment.

According to the information provided by the students, around 400 students are undergoing training for a six-month program at the academy, out of which 300 students are facing health issues due to contaminated food and water. Additionally, the condition of the hostel bathrooms has also deteriorated, as reported by the students.

Responding to the above issue Captain Badal Singh, Director, BP Marine Academy expressed “The concerned issue of providing contaminated food has been brought to the notice, and the mess committee is investigating the complaints of the trainees. However many trainees have suffered due to contaminated water supply”.

The role of Directorate General of Shipping is now being questioned as to what action IAS Shyam Jagannathan, Director General, DG Shipping will be taking against BP Marine Academy


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  1. Even I was there in the academy very poor condition and no water for weeks for washroom and bath very poor academy just take our money and did nothing

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