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The International Conference on Advances in Naval and Ocean Engineering Unveils Maritime Horizons at CUSAT

The International Naval Ocean Engineering Conference Unveils Maritime Horizons at CUSAT, Maritime News 002
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ICANOE 23 Sets Sail: Nautical Insights at CUSAT

Cochin : The city of Cochin witnessed a maritime extravaganza as the Second International Conference on Advances in Naval and Ocean Engineering, ICANOE 23, embarked on a two-day voyage, offering a deep dive into the realms of naval engineering and oceanography. The prestigious event unfolded at the Ship Technology Department of the Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) on the 3rd and 4th of November. It had received a support from Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA), London to organise the event. While Naval Research Board (NRB) of Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO), Smart Engineering & Design Solutions (SEDS), S & O Maritime, Capital Ship Solutins (CSS) and Aries Marine were it’s sponsors.

Inaugural Splash: Dr. K. Ajith Kumar and the Vision Ahead

Dr. K. Ajith Kumar, the distinguished Director of the Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL), set the course for ICANOE 23. In a symbolic gesture, he turned the helm wheel of the ship, signifying the commencement of this intellectual maritime journey. Dr. Kumar underlined the need for a holistic approach, uniting all engineering branches, as the driving force in the maritime world. He emphasized that those who master the mysteries of the ocean will steer the future.

The International Naval Ocean Engineering Conference Unveils Maritime Horizons at CUSAT, Maritime News 001
Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL) Director Dr. K. Ajit Kumar Aikanoi inaugurating the 23rd International Naval-Ocean Conference.

Furthermore, Dr. Ajith Kumar predicted that maritime-based industries would take center stage in the coming years, focusing on areas like maritime security, unmanned submarines, digitization, data collection, and effective utilization. He celebrated the ongoing success of the Sagarmala project initiated by the Government of India, designed to harness the potential of the nation’s coastlines and inland waterways.

Charting the Waters of Innovation: Rear Admiral Bimal Kumar’s Wisdom

The International Naval Ocean Engineering Conference Unveils Maritime Horizons at CUSAT, Maritime News 003
Rear Admiral Bimal Kumar Aikanoi, Additional Director General, Warship Design Bureau, Indian Navy and alumnus of Ship Technology addresses the inaugural function of the 23rd International Naval-Ocean Conference as the Chief Guest.

Rear Admiral Bimal Kumar, an alumnus of CUSAT’s Ship Technology Department and the Additional Director General of the Warship Design Bureau, Indian Navy, graced the inaugural function as the chief guest. He delved into the transformative impact of the fourth industrial revolution on the maritime industry. Rear Admiral Kumar forecasted a revolution through virtual reality and augmented reality, radically altering shipbuilding methodologies.

Artificial intelligence is poised to revolutionize the ship design and testing processes, even in warship construction. Rear Admiral Bimal Kumar expressed optimism about the journey towards ‘smart ships’ and the newfound ability to explore 3D virtual ship models before they even set sail. He also unveiled a compilation of conference papers during the event.

Setting Sail with Key Figures: The Inauguration Ceremony

Dr. P.K. Satish Babu, the Head of CUSAT’s Ship Technology Department, took the helm of the inauguration ceremony. Key figures from the maritime industry, including Dr. Sumithran Sampath (General Manager, Class NK), K. Sivaprasad, Dr. D.D. Ebenezer, Dr. Rajesh P. Nair, Dr. TK Fawaz, and Dr. KA Hasina, shared their insights during the event. Anthony Prince of Smart Engineering and Design Solutions, Kochi, delivered the keynote address on Importance of Design and Future Opportunities in Ship Design. The event also saw the presence of Dr. Deepak Kumar Sahu, the Principal of CUSAT School of Engineering, Dr. M. Ravi of NIST, Thiruvananthapuram, and Dr. Anantha Narayanan, among others.

Papers that Chart the Course: Technical Sessions

ICANOE 23 featured 21 research papers across four key areas, encompassing ship design and manufacturing, shipbuilding materials and metallurgy, water transportation systems, and computer-based ocean engineering problem solving. These insightful presentations came from leading institutions and experts, including the Indian Register of Shipping, Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory, Cochin Shipyard Limited, Nippon  Kaiji Kyokai, Indian Navy, Indian Maritime University, and I.I.T. Researchers from Kharagpur, Arc to Tech Consultants Pvt Ltd, and the Department of Ship Technology contributed their findings during the technical sessions.

Distinguished contributors like NT Anildas (Conceptia Technologies), Sajan P John (K.MRL), and Dr. J. Sheeja (Indian Maritime University Visakhapatnam) enriched the conference with their invaluable insights. The event drew to a close on Saturday, November 4, 2023, leaving behind waves of knowledge and innovation.

Unlocking New Maritime Frontiers

ICANOE 23 at CUSAT provided a glimpse into the dynamic and technologically advanced future of naval and ocean engineering. With visionary leaders and experts at the helm, the conference illuminated pathways towards ‘smart ships,’ virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, setting the course for maritime excellence.

International Naval Ocean Engineering Conference Benefits Maritime Community

Benefits for Conservation and Climate Change

The significance of ICANOE 23 extends beyond technological advancements. It carries a profound impact on conservation and addressing climate change. By exploring cleaner and more efficient maritime technologies, the conference paves the way for eco-friendly solutions that can contribute to reducing the maritime industry’s carbon footprint. These advancements hold the potential to improve environmental sustainability and protect our oceans, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

Fostering Innovation and Collaboration

One of the primary benefits of organizing ICANOE 23 is its role in fostering innovation and collaboration in the maritime community. With experts from various domains coming together, the conference provides a platform for sharing groundbreaking ideas and innovative technologies. This collaborative environment encourages the development of cutting-edge solutions to some of the maritime industry’s most pressing challenges.

Staying Ahead of Industry Trends

In the fast-evolving maritime industry, staying ahead of trends and emerging technologies is essential. ICANOE 23 ensures that attendees are well-informed about the latest trends, such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence in Shipbuilding. This knowledge empowers professionals and organizations to adapt and implement new technologies effectively, thus enhancing efficiency and competitiveness.

Supporting Education and Skill Development

The conference also plays a significant role in supporting education and skill development. Students and young professionals attending ICANOE 23 gain exposure to the latest developments in maritime and naval engineering. This exposure can inspire the next generation of innovators and engineers who will drive the industry forward.

Encouraging Maritime Excellence

By bringing together industry leaders, the conference encourages maritime excellence. The sharing of best practices and experiences enhances the overall quality of work within the maritime community. Attendees can learn from each other’s successes and challenges, contributing to the continuous improvement of the sector.


ICANOE 23 proves to be an invaluable event for the maritime community, offering a platform for innovation, knowledge sharing, skill development, and industry excellence. This conference not only keeps the maritime community informed but also strengthens its collaborative spirit. The event was made successful due to the efforts of Convenors Dr. Rajesh P. Nair and Dr. Favas TK in support from all the staff members and students of Ship Technology Department of the CUSAT and the supporting Sponsoring Agencies.

Technical Sessions

Technical Session 1: Materials and Corrosion

Session Chair and Invited Talk : Dr. M Ravi, Rtd. Chief scientist, NIIST Thiruvananthapuram

Topic : Aluminium alloys for shipping, Defense and other engineering applications.

Co-Chair : Prof. (Dr.) A. Mathiazhagan, Department of Ship Technology, CUSAT.


Paper Presentation

Mr.Himanshu Uppal, Indian Register of Shipping

Title : A Review on Managing Biofouling on Ships for Enhanced Hydrodynamic Performance


Mr. Mebin A Abraham, NPOL-DRDO, Cochin

Title : Life Estimation Studies of Flexilink for Towed Interconnects


Mr.Balaji R.S, NPOL-DRDO, Cochin

Title : Thermal Analysis of an Underwater Electronic Enclosure


Mr.Vysakh K B, Department of Ship Technology, CUSAT

Title : Comparison studies on the corrosion characteristics of 32760 Super Duplex Stainless Steel, GR A Mild Steel, 304 Stainless Steel and 5083 Aluminium Alloy in marine environment


Mr.Krishna Prasad S, Cochin Shipyard Limited

Title : Potentio-dynamic Polarization Studies of A-TIG Welded AL 5083: An Experimental Investigation


Technical Session 2: Ship design and production

Invited Talk : Mr. Anildas T, CEO Conceptia Technologies.

Topic : Decarbonisation initiatives in ship design.

Chair : Prof. Dr. K. Shivaprasad, Department of Ship Technology, CUSAT.

Co-Chair : Shri Aravind K.R., Department of Ship Technology, CUSAT.


Paper Presentation

Mr.Thajudeen A K, Department of Ship Technology CUSAT

Title : Repair Welding of Aluminium Alloys in Marine industries -A Critical Review


Mr.Sumithran Sampath, Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK)

Title : Necessity of New Framework to Support Social Implementation of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships


Captain Dr. Nitin Agarwal, Indian Navy

Title : Utility of 3D Printing in Ship Repair


Mr.Anant Ajithkumar, Indian Register of Shipping

Title : Vulnerability Assessment of a Container Vessel to Second Generation Intact Stability Criteria


Mr.Avinash Godey, Indian Maritime University

Title : Parametric study and Powering Assessment of a Ballast-Free Ship


Mr. Prabhakaran K Limited, Cochin Shipyard

Title : Integration of Various Green Energy Sources Onboard Vessels


DAY 2,

Key note address: Dr. Anantha Narayanan, Rtd. Director, NPOL

Topic: The ship building ecosystem in India- Past & Present


Technical Session 3: Water Transportation System

Session Chair and Invited Talk : Mr. Sajan P John, General Manager, KMRL

Topic : Reinventing Urban Water Transport.

Co-Chair Dr.Haseena K A, Department of Ship Technology, CUSAT.


Paper Presentation

Lt.Cdr. R. Kiran, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Title : A Numerical Methodology for Early-Stage Estimation of Full-Scale Resistance of Day Cruise Boats in Shallow Water


Smt.Teena Sarah John, Department of Ship Technology, CUSAT

Title : River-Sea Shipping for Inland Container Transportation between Kochi Port and the hinterlands of Northern Kerala


Mr. James KJ, Department of Ship Technology CUSAT

Title : Automated River Information Services System for Traffic Control in the Inland Waterways of Kerala


Smt.Bini Rani Jose, Department of Ship Technology CUSAT

Title : Application of Advanced power Electronic switches onboard ship for Green Shipping


Technical Session 4: Computational Methods in Engineering


Session Chair and Invited Talk : Dr. Sheeja J, Associate professor, IMU Vishakapatanam.

Topic : Simulation based Hydrodynamic Designs

Co-Chair : Dr. Manoj T. Issac., Department of Ship Technology, CUSAT.


Paper Presentation

Mr.Thomas Stephen, Ark2Tech Consultants Private Limited

Title : Structural Engineering Challenges in a MODU to MOPU conversion project


Mr.Sachin Suryakant Awasare, Indian Register of Shipping, Mumbai

Title : Computational Modeling and Analysis of Ship Responses to Underwater Explosions


Mr.Aravind Dinesh P, NPOL,

Title : Tethering Point Estimation of a Positively Buoyant Underwater Float


Dr. Joseph Prabju, Indian Register of Shipping

Title : Investigating Turbulence Models to Predict Ship Airwake Using Numerical Simulations


Mr.Mebin A Abraham, NPOL-DRDO, KOCHI

Title : Catenary Analysis of Twin Line Towed Array System


Smt.Shija C, Department of Ship Technology CUSAT

Title : Parametric study of hydrodynamic drag on a towed body with fins

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