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World’s First Methanol Ship Management Company Established in Dubai

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Dubai, UAE: India based Dockendale Ship Management DMC Co and Green Marine, a methanol marine firm based in Copenhagen, have forged a groundbreaking joint venture to create the world’s first ship management company exclusively dedicated to methanol-powered vessels. The newly established company, Dockendale Green Marine Ship Management, will be headquartered in Dubai.
This strategic move aims to redefine environmental standards in the maritime industry by focusing on the fully integrated crewing and technical management of methanol-fueled ships. The leadership team, including Vikrant Gusain as CEO, Morten Jacobsen as COO, Fredrik Stubner as CTO, and Michael Herb as CFO, brings extensive experience and expertise to drive the transition to a more sustainable maritime future.
CEO Vikrant Gusain highlighted the commitment to decarbonizing the maritime industry through methanol dual-fuel ships, stating, “This venture underscores our commitment to building a more sustainable future for shipping.”
Gusain, commented: “Our partnership with GREEN MARINE is the result of a shared vision to advance methanol dual-fuel ships and as a result, decarbonisation of the maritime industry. Green shipping is moving at an incredibly rapid pace, and we felt it was an opportune time to bolster our ship management service offerings and demonstrate our commitment to building a more sustainable future for shipping.”
Morten Jacobsen, COO, added” “GREEN MARINE’s team of methanol experts have been involved with the evolution of methanol as a marine fuel since 2012 in addition to having co-developed the design and overseen the construction of 16 methanol-powered MR tankers to date. Our team has hands-on experience in technical management and operations that dates back to 2016 and every team member has served onboard a methanol-powered tanker vessel as either Chief Engineer or Captain. It is by far the most experienced methanol team globally. We are very excited to team up with Dockendale in this JV and we are proud to have found a partner with a shared commitment to support the industry with safe and efficient operation of methanol-powered ships.”
The collaboration addresses the growing need for eco-friendly alternatives in the global shipping sector amid the industry’s transition to cleaner and more sustainable marine transportation. Currently, there are 25 methanol-fueled vessels in service, with an increasing number of orders for methanol-fueled containerships. A total of 81 such ships are scheduled for delivery by 2028, reflecting a significant industry shift toward this eco-friendly fuel source.
This initiative marks a significant leap towards setting new standards in environmentally responsible shipping, aligning with the industry’s transition to cleaner and sustainable marine transportation. The partnership leverages technical expertise and methanol marine experience to accelerate the shift to a methanol-powered maritime future.
In a joint statement, the companies expressed their shared vision to advance methanol dual-fuel ships, emphasizing the rapid evolution of green shipping. The partnership with Dockendale complements Green Marine’s initiatives, including a joint venture with Stamford Shipping for investment opportunities in methanol-powered ships and a partnership with Singapore Polytechnic’s Centre of Excellence in Maritime Safety for innovative research in safety and sustainability.
The establishment of Dockendale Green Marine Ship Management is a key milestone in ushering in a new era of environmentally conscious ship management practices, reinforcing the maritime industry’s commitment to sustainable and responsible operations.

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